Travel in style with Italiana Collection

Travel in style with Italiana Collection

There is an undeniable sense of hope in the air right now. Travel restrictions are beginning to lift—both locally and internationally—instilling excitement to resume exploring the world. And what once seemed like a lofty fantasy, traveling is now tangible again. While escaping for summer holidays looked a bit different last year, the sentiment remains the same: Traveling is a way to escape reality and reconnect with oneself through new cultures, remote landscapes, and a change in atmosphere.

Determined to make up for lost time, we're optimistically filling our calendars with our favorite summer destinations for the upcoming months.


This year we decide to travel to italy for summer specifically to The Amalfi Coast that is a prime vacation spot, so this resort-like area tends much more towards “chic” than “casual”. You’ll find this place to be sophisticated, yet with a relaxed and effortless feel. Silhouettes tend more towards comfort, rather than structure. Color palettes tend to be vibrant and upbeat, rather than the muted color stories often seen in the city.

Coastal fashion is all about adding flowy dresses, big sunglasses and floppy hats to your travel wardrobe. Even while relaxing on the coast, Italian style is always well put-together, enviable, and fashion-forward.

Accessories like big statement earrings often take the lead in Italian fashion, and it’s no different on this amazing place. The Amalfi Coast is the perfect location to try wearing unique pieces you might not want to wear on more casual beaches in other parts of Europe. Compiling your wardrobe with colorful maxi dresses, CrystalDust Earrings, off-the-shoulder styles and bright kaftans suit Capri and Amalfi just fine.


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