What Are Statement Earrings And How To Wear Them

What Are Statement Earrings And How To Wear Them

Statement earrings are among those timeless accessories that will always be fashionable. Finding the right accessories can be really hard, especially when pairing them with your outfit. All outfits, especially the black ones, always need something that will highlight the look. This can be done with a colored handbag, shiny shoes, or through a pair of bright statement earrings. You are probably wondering: “what are statement earrings and how can I wear them?” You have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this type of earrings and will also discover a few ways of pairing them with your outfits.

Statement earrings are the favorite trend

In recent years, all major brands have doubled down on statement earrings with exaggerated sizes, mismatched colors and interesting designs. The reason why this is happening can be resumed into a single word: “selfie”. Even though these earrings have been quite well-known ever since the 1980’s, they are the most popular types of earrings today.

Whereas a decade ago jewelry was worn with a face full of makeup and bouffant hair, nowadays the accent is put on oversized clothes and accessories, especially denim, with the focal point on the “no makeup” look and elfin hairdos. Statement earrings (or earrings) can showcase the personality of someone who likes to dress simply. The jewelry industry today is being more and more influenced by fashion and this makes the price gap between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry to narrow considerably.

Types of statement earrings

Not only costume jewelry, but also fine jewelry have embraced the statement earrings. All across the board, style is imposing brighter, flashier, bigger, and more sculptural jewelry. These earrings can be intriguing sculptures with mismatched colors, different stones, and sizes, made out of shoulder-grazing chainmail, ornate baroque hoops, or singular hammered-gold earrings. Statement earrings can come in different shapes and sizes and can be tassel earrings, feather earrings, sapphire (gemstone) earrings, and many, many more. Now it is time to discover the best ways to wear statement earrings and how to match them with your wardrobe.

How to wear statement earrings

Statement earrings have all kinds of cool styles and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Pairing them with your style can more challenging, but rest assured. We have discovered the best ways to pair this fantastic style of earrings.

  1. You can combine your black outfits with a pair of statement earrings

Any type of black outfit needs a color spot, a bit of sparkle to accentuate the look. If you like wearing black you can highlight your look using different colored accessories, including shoes, handbags and especially statement earrings.

  1. A tied chambray shirt and white midi skirt

This summer you can look smart and casual with a full white midi skirt, combined with a chambray shirt and some white feather earrings. This look goes perfectly with a pair of big earrings.

  1. Colored earrings with a denim jacket and black midi skirt

If you prefer wearing a black midi skirt, you can pair it with a denim jacket and a pair of colored statement earrings, pink or red if possible. Sapphire statement earrings can look great with this look and you can also wear them in other, more formal occasions.

  1. Classic turquoise earrings combined with white linen boho

If you want to look fresh this summer you can try an outfit that will showcase your feminine side. Whether you are going into town or you’re on the way to the beach, you can pair a white linen boho with a pair of oceany statement earrings.

  1. Statement earrings with an oversized boyfriend shirt and a white dress

One of the hottest fabrics this year is linen and if you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny place, you can opt for a simple white dress to look sexy and keep you cool. This type of dress goes perfectly with an oversized boyfriend shirt and a pair of casual sneakers for a summer feeling. Don’t forget your tassel earrings.

  1. Black outfits go great with turquoise earrings

Black outfits will never be out if style. Combined with a pair of turquoise gemstone earrings and red lips you can grab anyone’s attention. The street style was never so vibrant as right now when statement jewelry is ruling the world.

  1. Tassel earing go great with a patterned top

If you what to showcase your free spirit, you can obtain a sexy yet wild look by choosing a patterned top or scarf. Don’t forget to let your hair free to allow your tassel earrings to be seen from time to time.

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