12 Ways To Make Sure You're Becoming A #GirlBoss, Not A Mean Girl

12 Ways To Make Sure You're Becoming A #GirlBoss, Not A Mean Girl

1. Know what you want, and how to ask for it.

Whether it's in friendship, a relationship or your career, it's important to set personal boundaries. Always define what you want and what you will not allow.

2. Have ambition, and always set (and reevaluate) goals.

Success is relative to each individual and situation.

Some dream of being the CEO of the latest up-and-coming tech company, while others wish to stay in their hometowns and raise a family

3. Respect yourself and your body.

Girls rely solely on their bodies to get what they want, as they are not confident enough in themselves or their intelligence.


4. Be confident in yourself and your abilities.

Girls radiate insecurity and worry about what others think of them, almost to an unhealthy level.

Many rely on their number of Instagram likes to define their self-worth.

5. Focus on the future, not the past.

Failed relationships, bad jobs and missed opportunities are all things that no longer serve you. So let them go.

6. Be considerate of all people.

All people deserve respect, no matter their situation or status.

7. Know that your only competition is the reflection in the mirror.

Girls feel threatened by the success or happiness of others, and feel the need to measure up and compare.

8. Avoid gossip or bragging.

People who feel the need to one up others or put others down are not the ones others look up to or want to be friends with, and their behavior screams insecurity.

9. Know when to be a bitch, and when to be a lady.

Knowing what you want and asking for it is a wonderful thing, but there is a fine line between using the f-bomb with your friends and doing so in a professional environment.


10. Keep private matters private.

In the age of social media and technology, we have all the information we could possibly want at our fingertips.

11. Recognize that happiness is a choice, and it's one you must make every day.

Girls blame others for their shortcomings, or for hardships they have experienced. The truth is, we all go through difficult times. It is how you react that defines you as a person.

12. Support and empower other females.

Stop the girl-on-girl crime.

Amazing things can happen when women support other women.

Imagine yourself in the midst of your best girlfriends, laughing, sharing your ideas and enjoying life.

Now, imagine that on a bigger scale. If all women were this kind to each other, we could change the world.

Let's start a movement and make the world a better place for all women.

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