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About us

At CrystalDust, we believe you should treat yourself to amazing jewelry that will bring joy and shine into your daily life. 
Since we started our brand in 2015, we have been designing unique stylish, modern, and fun accessories inspired by the latest trends in fashion with a very particular LATIN-ITALIAN background that will bring you a very fresh colorful and mediterranean touch to your outfits. 
We work closely with you, to create hand-made customized high-end accessories such as Earring, Bracelet, Necklaces that will be have a great meaning to you and will be treasured as your own creation. 
All our Earrings are unique, therefore our amazing artisians takes between 8 to 12 hours of work to make every piece. Our accessories are handmade with 24k gold plated over bronze base and beading details very Lightweight. 
Our collections are living proof of CrystalDust constant struggle and desire to rescue local artisans and empower women from Venezuela and Colombia. 
At CrystalDust we feel privileged to provide the opportunity to help those in need by combining authentic and local materials with talented hands to generate new jobs for an amazing group of women. 
These women have become part of the CrystalDust family and have earned our admiration and respect. 
Designs by Esmeralda C.